Dragons & the Deep, Dark Emotions

Entry includes: Dragon Story, Gaming, Reading and a MoviePrevious entry: Draconic Dentists I've been feeling really worn out the past week. Between the physio exercises (which still leave me feeling worse), dentist appointments, financial worries, constant pain and a somewhat dismal mood, I've been struggling. And stressing... Which then makes my shoulder worse. Particularly as, … Continue reading Dragons & the Deep, Dark Emotions


Draconic Dentists

Entry includes: Dragon Story, GamingPrevious entry: Dragon Therapy Things aren't really great at the moment. I'm still doing the exercises that the physio assigned and, though I've persevering, they're still rather painful to do. On top of that, I had some not so happy news at the dentist and am now in the process of … Continue reading Draconic Dentists

Dragon Therapy

Entry includes: Dragon Story, Gaming and MoviesPrevious entry: Dragon Fire This entry is (hopefully) going to be short, sharp and sweet today as I've been having a lot of issues with my shoulders (and other joints)... Then again, now, that seems a constant complaint. On a more positive note, I have found a physiotherapist who … Continue reading Dragon Therapy

Crafting Dragons

Entry includes: Dragon Story, Gaming and MoviesPrevious entry: Dragons With Limitations Dragon Story Cosmic Flair! Event The Basics Current Level:188Food Tally:¬†163,273Currently Evolving: Sunburst (4), Eclipse (4)Currently Hatching: Neo Bubble (Night Elf x Pansy), Mist (Birthstone x Rainbow)Currently Breeding: Lotus x Auntie, Fantasy x Godmother Aiming For: Ancient Star [Bingo], Flawless [Codex], Crux [Monthly], Gravitron [Battle Arena], … Continue reading Crafting Dragons

Cold Little Dragons

Entry includes: Dragon Story, MoviesPrevious entry: A Letter and a Cliffhanger Dragon Story Pollen Fever! World Event The Basics Current Level: 197Food Tally: 144,792Currently Evolving: Paeonia (4), Lamiales (4)Currently Hatching: Gemstone (Water x Forest), Poison (Divine x Spooky)Currently Breeding: Lotus x Auntie, Forest x Water Waiting to Craft: Crystal [Codex], Black Pearl [Codex]Aiming For:¬†Sunburst [Codex], … Continue reading Cold Little Dragons