Dragons Hit The Books

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I’m going to try and keep this a bit short today – though, for being a bit busier than usual, I’ve surprisingly more to update than usual. Pain has been a constant companion and I’ve had to rely on medication (which only barely helps) a little more than I’d like. In all honesty, for the past few months, it seems to be getting harder to deal with, physically and emotionally, and the pain seems to be affecting more joints.

Dragon Story

Frolicking Fun Event

Another Dragon Tale and I’m really struggling to not just end up being annoyed by the constant trail of events that never let me build up food stores! So, this time, I’m going to get the first and second dragon, then quit!

Tournament for the Swift Wind Dragon

The Basics

  • Current Level: 189
  • Food Tally: 143,801
  • Currently Evolving: Atlantis (4)
  • Currently Hatching: Rainbow (Mist x Hercules), Viola (Magic x Air)
  • Currently Breeding: Magic x Air, Artifact x Peacock
  • Aiming For: Ancient Star [Bingo], Flawless [Codex], Venom [Battle Arena]



Lotus x Auntie: Smoke, Awoken, Charm, Neo Bubble, Balloon, Awoken, Charm, Ferret, Goblin

Air x Diamond: Air x13

Diamond x Deep: Ferret, Coral, Neo Bubble, Coral, Celestial, Coral, Iridescent

​Winter (Quartz x Night), Island (Water x Forest), Peacock (Castle x Royal), Air (Castle x Royal), Solo, Royal (Castle x Royal), Firemane (Crown Prince x Lunar Ram), Metal (Frozen x Albino Peacock), Vibrant, Waverider (Serpent x Diamond), Atlantis (Water x Forest), Corgi

Island (Serpent x Diamond), Holographic (Water x Forest), Atlantis (Serpent x Diamond), Viridian (Serpent x Diamond), Atlantis (Water x Forest), Chromastripe, Genie (Diamond x Bat), Coral (Ferret x Coral), Poison (Hunter x Infinity), Cosmic (Magic x Air)

Tournament for the Snowhide Dragon
Dark Tides Event
Finished 15th with 9007 points…
Flashy Metals Event

The Gaming Lounge

So, I still haven’t actually been well enough to play – though, I must admit, that I’ve pushed my luck and had a few really brief shots. And ended up paying for it! Still, it has let me sit back and watch dad play, something I’ve always enjoyed!

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

This is a game that I don’t actually play, so it’s “safe” for dad to pick up whenever I’m not feeling well. Though I don’t enjoy playing it – the constant replacement of enemies truly frustrates me – dad sometimes enjoys playing it. Though neither of us ever feel like we’re getting anywhere!

Styx: Master of Shadows

This was only a little demo of the game… And it’s not one we’re planning to revisit. Just not really our style of game and one that gets dad really frustrated, thus leaving me really stressed!

Disney Infinity 3.0

I love this game! No matter how many times we revisit it, I feel like there’s always something I can enjoy. This time, it was the Toybox Speedway add on and a newly built Toybox!

And no, I couldn’t resist playing this one!

The Reading Corner

  • His Possession [The Owners #1] by Sam Crescent – 2 Stars
  • Teach Me, Master [Neighbor’s #3] by Qwillia Rain – 5 Stars
  • Tempted by Two [Tylwyth Teg #2] by Anya Bast – Currently Reading – 65% Complete

The Viewing Room

  • Aquaman – 2018 – 5 Stars
  • Captain Marvel – 2019 – 5 Stars – Though, I have to admit that my score might have been slightly elevated by the soundtrack. It brought back many, many happy memories of my sister introducing me to music my parents thought was “too old” for me!

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